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From James Berry <>
Subject Re: parameters in URL path segments
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:05:39 GMT
Hi Bill,

On Aug 23, 2006, at 3:35 PM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> James Berry wrote:
>> What I'm saying is that they should not be treated independently or
>> differently. They should be treated not as metadata, but as part  
>> of the
>> segment.
> To be 100% clear; this is what Apache httpd does today.  If you ask  
> for
> foo.html;v=1 it will open the -file- foo.html;v=1 or fail.  What jk or
> tomcat does with the same is up to those components, but httpd has no
> magic whatsoever which is what you want.  You would like the same of
> Tomcat.  But...
> ...this would be valid if /servlet/MyApplication;v=1 invokes the class
> MyApplication;v=1

Yes, I would expect it to invoke the class "MyApplication;v=1". I  
hadn't considered the other behavior.

> and not MyApplication with a parameter of v=1.
> If it invokes the class MyApplication then we can't follow your  
> philosophy
> since the permissions were likely to apply to the servlet class and  
> not
> to the precise syntax the user called MyApplication with.

That's not  what I'm asking for. It's an interesting idea, but as  
you've pointed out, might require significantly more work and thought  
to get right.

I'm simply asking that Tomcat not mangle urls that contain  
parameters. The cases in which I'd be interested in using parameters  
are below the servlet level (in pathinfo), so invoking servlets with  
such parameters, while conceivably interesting, is by no means  

I'd ask that, for now, special case handling of parameters be  
removed. If at some point in the future support was added to  
specially parse parameters and pass them into servlets, then I'd  
assume there would have to be special configuration to enable such  
behavior. So allowing the more wide open general case behavior that  
I'm asking for now wouldn't prevent such support in the future, as  
parameters to servlets would presumably only be parsed if such  
behavior was enabled.

Given the present behavior, however, any use of parameters is  
disallowed, which seems overly restrictive, and certainly prevents a  
broad range of interesting application for segment parameters.


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