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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: change in session activity tracking between Tomcat 4.1/5.0 and Tomcat 5.5
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 04:27:56 GMT
Hello Jan,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I noticed the "associated with this session". It seemed clear. But
then I read the following in the specification:

[Servlet 2.4 spec - SRV.7.6 Last Accessed Times]
The session is considered to be accessed when a request that is part of
the session is first handled by the servlet container.

I noticed "request that is part of the session".
Is a request with a jsessionid that gets accepted by the container part
of a session? I'd say yes. But you say it is not, until the servlet
calls a method that needs to access the session context (getSession,
encodeURL, etc.), only then you can say it actually was part of the session?
I suppose that does sounds reasonable.

> I think this change was made to bring the impl in compliance with the
> servlet spec.

The servlet 2.3 spec contains the same. So Tomcat 4.1 does not but
Tomcat 5.0/5.5 now does comply with the spec regarding this method?
#I had opened a bug about this last month, I'd like to add this info to
it for reference before it is closed.

Just to make sure, you /think/ this change was done because you have
some recollection of it or guessing from what I wrote and what the spec
I tried searching the mailing lists about it but could not find any
discussion about it.

Thank again for the reply,

Jan Luehe wrote:
> Hi Dies,
> Dies Koper wrote On 08/16/06 05:28,:
>> Hello,
>> I'm looking into an issue we ran into when upgrading from Tomcat 4.1 to
>> Tomcat 5.5.
>> The time returned by the HttpSession.getLastAccessTime method seems to
>> have changed.
>> We believe it should return the time of the previous request from the
>> same client. It did in Tomcat 4.1. It did so no matter whether that
>> client accessed a Servlet or an html file.
>> However, in Tomcat 5.5 it only returns this time if the previous request
>> went to a servlet, and that servlet called the getSession or
>> request.encodeURL method. Otherwise it returns the time of the last
>> request from that client that did call either of those methods.
> I think this change was made to bring the impl in compliance with the
> servlet
> spec.
> The javadocs of HttpSession.getLastAccessedTime() have this:
> * Returns the last time the client sent a request associated with
> * this session, as the number of milliseconds since midnight
> * January 1, 1970 GMT, and marked by the time the container received the
> * request.
> Notice the "associated with this session".
> Only if a request creates or resumes a session should the session's
> lastAccessedTime
> be updated.
> Jan
>> I am a bit confused why. Did the Tomcat developers disagree with the
>> Servlet spec or the interpretation of it at the time Tomcat 4.1 was
>> released and is this now fixed? Or is it an accidental side-effect of
>> another change?
>> The reason I ask is because I need to solve this problem. Should I look
>> for a work-around or try to write a patch?
>> So far, I found that the change happened in Tomcat 5.0, with the
>> following commit.
>> Revision: 302627
>> Author: remm
>> Date: 3:21:36, 2004-01-23
>> Message:
>> - Improvements to session activity tracking, handling the case where the
>>  session is new, as well as cross context.
>> - If this doesn't work, I give up ;)
>> ----
>> Modified :
>> /tomcat/container/catalina/trunk/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/core/
>> Modified :
>> /tomcat/container/catalina/trunk/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/core/
>> Modified :
>> /tomcat/container/catalina/trunk/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/core/
>> Modified :
>> /tomcat/container/catalina/trunk/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/session/

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