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From "William L. Thomson Jr." <>
Subject Relation of jasper and servlet API to Tomcat
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:20:58 GMT

	Over the past 7+ months I have been maintaining Tomcat on Gentoo. I
have now become a Gentoo developer so I can officially become the Tomcat
maintainer on Gentoo. With that said, I have a couple of things I am
curious about.

	First off, is there any reason Jasper and Servlet-API can't be projects
of their own? With their own binary releases. Reason I ask is that it
seems other apps use Jasper, not just Tomcat. With regard to
servlet-api, it seems to be the only open source implementation. Sun has
yet to release 2.4, only 2.3. So the only 2.4 servlet api I can find is
the one in Tomcat.

	On Gentoo we have 3 packages built from the same Tomcat sources. If
Tomcat has a revision bump, does that mean Jasper or Servlet API changes
as well? If so we have to revision bump 3 packages instead of just
Tomcat. Also if I make a patch for servlet-api for Tomcat, the same
patch also applies to the servlet API package as well. So multiple
copies of the same patch. Much less if someone emerges both servlet api
and Tomcat they end up with two copies. Which sorta defeats what we do
on Gentoo. Which is to install a resource like log4j, commons stuff etc,
once, and symlink it where ever it's needed or used. So you don't end up
with different versions and multiple copies of jars and etc all over the

	Ideally it would be great if Jasper and Servlet API were on their own.
Different sources and binary releases. Then they could be bundled with
releases of Tomcat just as other stuff is bundled. That would make more
sense if Tomcat specific things changed among revisions, but did not
change Jasper or servlet api stuff.

	If this has already been discussed, is in the works or etc. I apologize
for not seeing it, or being aware of it.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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