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From "David Rees" <>
Subject mod_jk 1.2.17+ Recover time
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 17:42:23 GMT
I've been testing the 1.2.17 (soon to be 1.2.18) release and have
noticed a problem in worker recovery.

If I restart a Tomcat instance and mod_jk notices that it went down,
mod_jk waits 60 seconds recovery time before it tries again (see
jk_lb_worker.h WAIT_BEFORE_RECOVER and struct jk_shm_worker

However, Tomcat will typically recover in just a handful of seconds so
this results in nearly a minute of downtime when downtime should only
be perhaps 10 seconds.

Compounding this problem it doesn't appear to be possible to override
this behavior either through the worker configuration and the status
module forces a minimum of 60 seconds.

The only workaround to this problem I see is to setup a Tomcat
cluster, but this isn't feasible in all cases.

I'm more than happy to help work up a patch to allow configuring of
this parameter in the workers file and to allow a lower minimum
recover_wait_time as well if such a patch would be accepted. Of
course, if a mod_jk developer can cook it up quickly that is fine too,
I will test it.


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