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From Ian Darwin <>
Subject Re: SVN messages.
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 20:25:54 GMT

> And honestly, people who want to filter these messages out can do so,
> whether they are on their own list or on this one.  It's quite easy to
> create rules for them, including temporary filters like to handle
> today's unusual amount of messages.

That is the wrong answer:-) You are ignoring the anti-community
effects of all that trash being sent over the internet - probably 
several gigabytes of traffic wasted in one day - as well as the costs to 
people who pay for bandwidth - filtering it is too late!

2400 messages at 2294 bytes * 500 subscribers is about 2.5GB of totally 
garbage network traffic sent out by the Apache mail server over a few 
hours (I don't know how many subscribers there are, that was just a 
guess). And that 2294 is a bit high as it includes the Received: lines 
that are added by sendmail, but still, it's a measurable amount of 
wasted bandwidth.

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