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From Ian Darwin <>
Subject Re: SQL Realm for tomcat
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 18:08:23 GMT
Neelesh wrote:
> Hello all!
>    Joined the group today. The reason I joined the group is to understand
> more about the excellent container and contribute, if possible. As a 
> starter
> I've implemented a very simple and basic SQLRealm, to execute arbitrary SQL
> queries against a database to retrieve the roles and password. I must
> confess that I have not researched to see if  such implementations are
> already available. In any case, the realm implementation was borne out of a
> need in our project, and I thought of making it available to all (at
> ,as of now). And of course, it is open
> source.
>   Hope to be active and a contributer in future.

Welcome aboard, and thanks for wanting to contribute. However, it is 
usually best to "research to see if  such implementations are
 > already available" before writing something, as (and this is the case 
in most open source projects) something that duplicates existing 
functionality is almost certain to get rejected for that very reason.

In this case, Tomcat already has JDBCRealm.

There is a staring point on helping out, online at, that you might find helpful.
See also the "How Apache Works" link at the bottom.

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