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From Tom Miller <>
Subject Re: HELP Wanted
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 16:06:09 GMT
Please ingore my previous email.  I sent to the wrong people 
and list.  Sorry,


---- Original message ----
>Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:19:22 -0400
>From: Tom Miller <>  
>Subject: Re: HELP Wanted  
>I went through the configuration file 
>tom-configurations.tar.gz  and could not find any 
>configuration refer to multi context (container) 
>and multi virtualhost for appache.  I hope, I did not
>miss communicated.  Multiple context (container)
>using the same Tomcat is one of the main requirement.
>---- Original message ----
>>Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 15:05:28 -0400
>>From: Tom Miller <>  
>>Subject: HELP Wanted  
>>I have five webased web site with java application.  One 
>>application per web site.
>>Here is my current enviroment:
>>OS =  Linux RedHat 4.0
>>Appache 2.0.50
>>Connector JK 1.2.6
>>Tomcat 5.5.4
>>I am currently have each website and application run on 
>>machine.   I also have some machine with two Tomcat 
>>instance.  Each Tomcat instance support one virtual 
>>and one application (context).
>>Here is my new requirements:
>>I have 5 webased application:
>>Main Site:
>>I would like all five web site run on the same machine #1 
>>(with Apache and JK connector). 
>>I would like all five application using the same Tomcat 
>>instance (multiple context) on the same machine #2.
>>Security and protect for both web site and application 
>>container need tobe consider in your implementation.
>>Failover and Clustering Site:
>>I would like machine #3 to be in cluster with machine #1 
>>machine #4 to be cluster with machine number #2.
>>I will use load balance for the appache (machine #1 and 
>>machine #3).
>>If you have a better sugguestion, I am listening.
>>I also included a sample topology.
>>I have built and configured all of my site with appache, 
>>tomcat and connector.  The part I need help with is the 
>>multiple context with one Tomcat instance and clustering.
>>I am currently have very little time to figure out how 
>>multiple context and clustering works.   
>>This is where I can use some help from some of you who 
>>experienced with it and wanted to make some extra money.   
>>Please email if you are interested.
>>If none of you volunteer I will have to post my need on 
>>list and keep bother you all until I get some solution (-: 
>>Thanks much,
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