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From Darryl Miles <>
Subject Who maintains jsvc ?
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:24:11 GMT

If my research is correct this the commons-daemon package ?

I'm looking to find out if a patch to add network support to the 'jsvc' 
program would be a welcome enhancement.  I would like to be able to 
reboot a JVM remotely in a development environment.  This is a building 
block in some larger work I am trying to do to enable IDE based 
development to be network transparent for the entire development 
process.  The function is very similar to the shutdown port (within TC) 
but it works over UDP.  Commands are cryptographically protected via a 
shared secret (the password) and a request/challenge/response cycle is 
needed to issue instructions to jsvc.  In some ways it is much more 
useful than inside jsvc than tomcat because it has the ability to 
forcefully kill of the TC JVM if/when things get out of hand (especially 
true in the development environment).

I have got a proof of concept patch for jsvc running tomcat on 
linux/unix, the patch adds support and provide a simple network client 
from the command line bundled with the jsvc build.  If this is thought 
to be a useful addition that would get approval for inclusion I will 
happily work on porting it to windows as well.

I do not intend to make network support enabled by default (you'd have 
to specify it in a cmdline option).  You'd have to configure a shared 
secret to use it.

At the moment it is built on top of OpenSSL for the secure hash 
implementation the simple protocol uses, however this dependency can 
probably be avoided if a public domain version of SHA1 (or MD5) was 
bundled instead.

Who/where do I approach on this matter.

Your thoughts and pointers in the right direction,



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