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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Comet Model
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 00:06:56 GMT
Lemme narrow everything down, and this will be short, I promise,

it all boils down to the Content-Length header,
if this header is omitted then it wont be possible for the client to 
send more than one request.

The workaround for this, Content-Length: Integer.MAX_VALUE, this will 
make the code accept more than one request

If that is acceptible workaround, I can happily revert the commit.


Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
>> and that is the exact bug I fixed. Before the commit, you couldn't. 
>> So to support your argument, you should be in favor of the commit. 
>> not against.
> Ok, then post the request you are sending. The whole request must be a 
> valid HTTP/1.1 request with a properly delimited body, rather than 
> just a HTTP header, followed by random data.
> This is not a valid request, for example:
> GET /foo HTTP/1.1
> Host: bla
> my content (wait 10 s) more of my content
>>> I fail to see what your purpose is to step on my toes like this, and 
>>> barge in with commit, when you didn't discuss anything. 
>> not sure what your toes and the ASF owned repository have in common ;)
> To give an example: I suppose I could try committing random stuff to 
> the clustering module.
>> We're discussing it now, you started it with a veto, and yes, i could 
>> have used the endless discussion tactic to prove the bug, but it was 
>> faster to come in with a solution.
> That's what you are doing right now, rather than convince me that you 
> understand all the issues.
> Ok, I'm going to bed now, and then on WE. I hate it when people force 
> me to stay up until 2AM on friday just because I made the mistake of 
> checking my email before going to bed ...
> Rémy
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Filip Hanik

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