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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Comet, next steps
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:51:57 GMT
I have played around with the Comet implementation, fixed a few bugs and 
got the initial it working, including async data from both client and 

I wanted to you get your input on moving forward with the following 

1. If return false, the adapter should call CometServlet.end, not CometServlet.error
2. If throws an error, then the adapter should call CometServlet.error (easy)
3. Keep-Alive socket support, when returns false, don't close the socket,
keep alive should still work and we should still be able to process more HTTP requests on
that connection. So change the status to comet=false, and process the next request like a
standard HTTP request (medium)
4. The ability to close the channel from the server async (medium) - 
   two ways - a) timeout 
              b) call back from a separate thread

And then the following steps
1. Create a user guide for the CometServlet usage
2. Create an example in servlet-examples

Let me know your thoughts, 



Filip Hanik

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