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From Darryl Miles <>
Subject Re: WebappLoader RFC
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 07:12:13 GMT
Glen Marchesani wrote:
>   <Loader
>           className="org.apache.catalina.loader.MyWebappLoader"
> extendedClasspath="C:/mycode/myproject/lib/*.jar;C:/mycode/myproject2/lib/*.jar;C:/mycode/myproject2/classes/"

>       />
> </Context>
> The reason for doing this is when developping a webapp that consists of
> several smaller projects I wanted to be able to from within the ide
> edit-compile-run skipping the deploy step.  Skipping the deploy step 
> saves a
> fair bit of tediousness.

Which IDE are you using ?

My IDE understands both the containers classpath and the web-app 
classpath fairly well.  This means my IDE is able to resolve a 
dependency tree so its able to calculate the best possible approach to 
take.  My IDE also supports hot-code replace (providing the JVM will 
allow it for a given situation, adding fields is a problem when one or 
more instances exist).  My IDE also supports exporting of a JAR from 
another project into the WEB-INF/lib of the web-app project that is 
running under a debugging version of TC.

If you are now bypassing all of the above, how do you cope with the 
problematic scenarios this now presents ?  On the face of it; it may 
appear to skip the redeploy process but how can you be sure what you are 
debugging is the current version of code ?  Then how in the future as 
IDE technology and tooling gets better can it make the best decision 
given that only the IDE has all the available knowledge about the 
edit-compile-run process.

In short if one popular IDE is able to do so much (without patching 
features into TC) then it would appear to set the mark of what is 
possible.  It questions if your approach would be a long term fix or 
just a patch over how you currently see the problem in the moment.

Maybe your problem is more of configuration.

Infact I think might be worth adding a section to the documentation 
outlining the features TC supports in the development cycle and when and 
how to set them up for use.  Then another section on how setup (or tips) 
on working with a particular IDE (from the web-app developers PoV).


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