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From Adrian M <>
Subject Re: code structure and api docs for Tomcat 5.5
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 16:55:16 GMT

 Thanks for the pointers!
 I have found the (Java) sources for the org.apache.jk.* packages in the "connectors" project
that I checked-out, but it seems that the Eclipse project for "connectors" does not include
these sources in the source path ( - the info in the .classpath file). For instance, org.apache.jk.common
is listed in the API docs, and the sources are in the "connectors" project, but not in the
source path of the Eclipse project for connectors.

 There are a number of other jk packages that are not documented on the web-site, and also
not included in the source path, like org.apache.jk.ant.*.
 Have these packages been excluded on purpose and is there a way to find out what should be
included for a full built and what it shouldn't? (I mean, other way than checking all the
ant files :) )
 Thanks once again.
Mark Thomas <> wrote: Adrian M wrote:
>  However, I'm having some problems understanding the structure of the 
> whole project because the apparent inconsistency between the 
> documentation (Tomcat API for v. 5.5) and the source code in the (5) Tomcat 
> projects. For instance, I cannot locate the org.apache.jk.* packages in the 
> sources of any of these projects, although I would expect them to be in 
> the connector project, or maybe in the catalina/container project. 

It is in:

> Also, the Tomcat API docs seem to cover packages for both the catalina and 
> connector projects, but misses a number of other packages (webapps, 
> juli, etc).

Yep. Not sure if this is deliberate for the webapps. Probably an
oversight for juli.

>  I would appreciate very much if you could give me some  more details 
> about the structure of the project, and how this matches the API docs 
> for Tomcat 5.5.

The best we have is
If you want to contribute patches to the documentation, that woudl be


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