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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: context folders and Delete on tomcat root; funny [Bug 39594]
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 06:11:03 GMT
I know that this is just going to result in Remy telling me to Not Feed The 
Trolls again, but hey, the list has been a bit slow of late :).

>"Thomas Whitmore" <> wrote in message 
>Hi people, Pedro,
>This is both a sad & funny true story.
>> We were trying to make our servlets use relative  path so that our 
>> deplayment would
>> be faster. In the  process we try putting $Catalina_home in the path for 
>> the base doc
>> [etc]
>> After this we noticed a folder called $CATALINA_HOME in the root dir for 
>> tomacat, we
>> never created such a  dir so we whent ahead and deleted it. For our 
>> surprise, that
>> folder was linked to the root folder for tomcat  and deleted everything.
>As I said, this was both humorous and tragic. Humorous because Tomcat and 
>it's folders >thoughtfully nuked Pedro's root - I can just see the 
>expression on his face and mouth >hanging slightly open. Gotcha!
>Tragic, because Remy is going to mark this issue as 'RESOLVED 
>WILL-NOT-FIX'. No, >Pedro, this is intended behaviour. It's better than the 
>Deployer in 5.0 because I wrote it. >Anyone can write a different deployer 
>implementation. If you don't like it, you can use a >different platform. 
>Anyone can use a different platform. Have a nice day.
>??? what ??!
>Sorry about the humour Pedro -- I've had similar happen to me and can only 
>laugh >because I know what a ghastly suprise this is.
>What really makes this funny, is that all this amusement comes from Remy 
>rewriting the >Context/ Deployer implementation in 5.5 and coming over all 
>defensive about its defects... >marking all reported issues in this area as 
>RESOLVED (they're not) WILL-NOT-FIX (he >won't).  Well, at least the second 
>part is true.

Probably.  Remy is currently pretty much the only Tomcat developer currently 
interested in the Deployer (*I'm* certainly not interested :).

>Go on, prove me right.

And, here you go and totally misunderstand the nature of Open Source 
Development.  It is not up to the Tomcat developers to prove you right, 
since you got what you paid for :).  If you want the Deployer "fixed", then 
start submitting quality patches to it.  Until then, quit writing checks 
against other peoples time (whom, I might again add, you are *not* paying 

>PS:  Full and absolute good faith - any pointed comments have come *after* 
>seeing >defects & bug reports from others systematically being ignored & 
>blown off.  If people >come to me with a problem in my code, I fix it 
>first, ask about future/ related requirements, >check against design cases 
>and stub these for future coverage... sometimes 2 - 5 years >ahead.  Sure 
>beats telling people to f** off.

Remy may lack some people skills, but hey, he's French ;-).

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