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From "Joe Hertz" <>
Subject RE: Deprecation Warnings in ServletRequestWrapper
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 22:24:45 GMT
> Second, why require something stricter if we don't have to?
> Especially now, in what would be the 18th release of Tomcat 5.5,
> thereby causing pain those users who do run on JDK 1.3, just to get
> rid of some deprecation warnings that don't make any difference to
> anyone except you two apparently?
>And, more to the point, the deprecated methods are still part of the 2.5
>spec :), and so still must be included.  What would be possible in TC 6 is
>to do:
>   @SuppressWarnings("deprecation")
>   public void setStatus(int sc, String sm) { ...
>This would at least allow compiling the servlet-api without deprecation
>warnings.  Of course, you are free to annotate your own classes anyway you
>want :).

Interesting you point that out, as comments in the bug claims it's being fixed in TC 6. 

If the logic is, "We didn't read the spec right and then we ignored the bug when it was first
reported too, and in the time since we have acquired users everywhere who are now dependent
on our error", there are two options.

1) Fix it, tell the 1.3 JDK people they got lucky to have support this far.

2) Mark the bug WONTFIX, not INVALID. You take your chances with the next JDK.

Because like I said before, as long as these deprecated methods are being used, Tomcat's javax.servlet.*
implementation's days are numbers. The next JDK won't have these methods. Then it's game over.
No compilation under the next JDK. If the spec hasn't changed, nor your interpretation of
it, then it's no left-turn, no right-turn, whaddyadoo..

So are you guys _REALLY_ sure this is what the spec is saying with regard to JDK 1.3 support?


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