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From "Joe Hertz" <>
Subject RE: Deprecation Warnings in ServletRequestWrapper
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 22:08:33 GMT
>Second, why require something stricter if we don't have to?
>Especially now, in what would be the 18th release of Tomcat 5.5,
>thereby causing pain those users who do run on JDK 1.3, just to get
>rid of some deprecation warnings that don't make any difference to
>anyone except you two apparently?

I think your brush is a tad broad here.

BillyJoeJimBobServletWriter won't ever get these warnings unless he happens to wrap the Tomcat
implementations of HttpServletRequest or HttpServletResponse AND uses the 1.5 JDK. Assuming
he fits that category, he might write to Tomcat-user or he might not. If he does, if he had
my experience when asking about it, he'll get no response at all. Then he MIGHT search bugzilla,
find a bug that was closed due to an apparent spec misread, re open it, and have it reclosed
without comment by the Tomcat PMC.

Only *then* did I get to this point. Then I got told I'm one of two people who apparently
cared about it.

What I'm saying here is please don't imply my concern is over-the-top because I happen be
the guy who successfully jumped through all of the hurdles put in the way of people like me.
Suffice it to say, I happen to think your sampling method to determine the complaint ratio
is rather skewed.


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