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From "Kevin A. Palfreyman" <>
Subject RE: Ongoing stuff
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 11:17:54 GMT
This sounds interesting, but can I ask how this differs from what 
Pushlets does using standard servlets? (  We 
use these extensively, so obviously something that provides similar 
functionality but with a lighter-weight backend might be interesting, 
but I'd love to hear your views.

Also, would what you propose cause Tomcat lock-in for client code?



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> From: Remy Maucherat [] 
> Sent: 16 May 2006 11:00
> To: Tomcat Developers List
> Subject: Ongoing stuff
> Hi,
> I am proposing to add a new feature in the development branch 
> to support 
> comet (aka, being able to push data on a HTTP connection, 
> outside of the 
> execution of the service method of the servlet). Certain applications 
> require this sort of capability (like gtalk; to be honest, I 
> don't know 
> that many apps which need it) and since usage of the HTTP (or AJP) 
> connector is exclusive, it is not possible to really 
> implement this sort 
> of thing with Servlets. I would have liked to use SIP and SIP 
> Servlets 
> for this usage, but it looks like it's not going to happen. 
> The feature 
> will require APR to work in the intended way, but the wrapper servlet 
> that I will use to present the functionality to the user should work 
> with the regular connectors (using a thread per 
> connection, of 
> course). In some ways, it is a bit similar to the sendfile 
> addition, so 
> it's probably useful, but proprietary.
> I will then:
> - do some spring cleaning in the code (externalizing 
> hardcoded strings, etc)
> - try to lower the memory usage of a processor
> Rémy
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