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From "Bhat, Deepak (STSD)" <>
Subject Tomcat server seems to cache URLconnections for around 5 seconds.
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 06:28:41 GMT
Hi all,

	I am facing a problem with my application trying to retrieve
data through the tomcat server.My client side is an applet.The server
part of the code retrieves data & puts it in an xml file.The client
opens a URL connection to get the data from xml file.It is observed that
when the client is rapidly requesting for data(something like within 5
secs);the new data is not coming over to client side,inspite of the new
data being populated onto the xml file.
This problem does not seem to occur when the time duration for
subsequent requests are longer than 5 seconds.
The servlet contacts a data store and writes a file in xml format.This
file contains the data retrieved from the data store.It is placed at
some location on the server which is known to the client.

The application works as follows:-
1.Client(applet) sends a request to servlet  for data 2.Servlet gets
data from data store.
3.Servlet generates xml file and places it at some location.
4.Server sends a response to client.Response does not contain data
retrieved from the store.
5.Client issues a URI request to server(Tomcat 5.0) for this file.This
request does not go thru the servlet.
6.Client then parses this file and processes the data.
This file being generated is always at the same location.Filename does
not change either.
The write is guaranteed to complete before a read happens.No file locks
A typical request from applet goes out when a user clicks a
button.Then,steps 1 to 6 are performed.I observed that if the clicks are
spaced less than around 5 secs apart,the data from the previous request
was obtained again in spite of the file being rewritten with fresh data.
This happens inspite of browser cache being disabled and a setusecaches
field on client side being set to null.
The issue being faced is same as described in following :-

I would like to know if the problem in above link was fixed in
subsequent tomcat versions.

I am using Tomcat 5.0.

Thanks & Regards,

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