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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Deployement of war and context.xml files
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 12:34:52 GMT
Hi to all,

While playing with TC 5.5.17 and refactoring my apps to use it, I saw
a strange and show stopper behaviour.

I create a webapp, named myapp.war.

This application need some specific configuration to tailor it from
one customer to another.

I created a context file :


While Tomcat is running if I remove $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/myapp.war
and deployed webapp  $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/myapp/ directory, the
context file is deleted by Tomcat.

No more luck with host-manager :

To deploy an updated webapp I should :

Undeploy the old webapp, http://mysys/manager/html/undeploy?path=/myapp

When I do that, the context file,
$CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/myapp.xml , is removed.

When deploying the new WAR, the .war is copied to webapps directory
and expanded, but the context is lost and not recreated or restored
from the previous copy.

Questions :

- Could we make the undeploy strategy keep the old context file in
$CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost, may be renamed and restore it
when application is redeployed ?

- Alternativly, could we prevent Tomcat to remvoe the context file
when undeploying the webapp ?


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