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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Deprecation Warnings in ServletRequestWrapper
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 00:42:46 GMT
Joe Hertz wrote:
> Because like I said before, as long as these deprecated methods are being used, Tomcat's
javax.servlet.* implementation's days are numbers. The next JDK won't have these methods.
Then it's game over. No compilation under the next JDK. If the spec hasn't changed, nor your
interpretation of it, then it's no left-turn, no right-turn, whaddyadoo..

First off, a correction. It isn't Tomcat's implementation of the
javax.servlet.* classes, it is Sun's.

Secondly, my understanding of deprecation is that where part of an API
is deprecated it might not be included future versions of the API
therefore users of the API should not (note: 'should not' rather than
'must not') use the deprecated elements.

The deprecated methods are part of the API and are still included in the
spec (and marked as deprecated in the spec). Since they are in the spec,
they must be implemented.

There are a couple of places where Tomcat implements javax.servlet.*
interfaces that include deprecated methods. Tomcat needs to implement
the deprecated methods. It is valid, although inadvisable, to use a
deprecated method. Therefore Tomcat needs to implement that method in
case the user code makes use of it. As soon as the spec removes the
deprecated methods they will be removed from the javax.servlet.* and we
can clear out all the references to them in the Tomcat code.

> So are you guys _REALLY_ sure this is what the spec is saying with regard to JDK 1.3

I am not sure about the 1.3 reasoning but I am 100% these methods need
to be there.


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