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From Rick Knowles <>
Subject mod_proxy_ajp and mod_unique_id
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 09:18:29 GMT
If this is on the wrong list, please redirect me: I wasn't sure exactly 
where the responsibility for mod_proxy_ajp lies.

Until now I've been using mod_jk + mod_unique_id to pass an apache 
generated unique request id, so that my webapp's and apache's log data 
can be correlated. After switching to mod_proxy_ajp, the unique_id is no 
longer passed over the ajp wire to tomcat. This is understandable, since 
the request attribute concept in the AJP13 protocol isn't something that 
would exist across all mod_proxy flavours (http for example).

There doesn't seem to be any name=value parameter for this purpose on 
the ProxyPass directive. Is support for this deprecated, or is there 
some way to pass the mod_unique_id to tomcat that I don't know about ?

Thanks for any help in advance,


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