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From Darryl Miles <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 39503] - getContextPath() returns a decoded string contrary to the servlet spec
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 19:50:46 GMT
Yoav Shapira wrote:
> I don't mind documenting it -- write up the web page you want (in the
> xdocs format used by the rest of the docs: see
> for examples), submit it here or on bugzilla, and we can add it to the
> docs.

Maybe I should write a template, which can then be copied and re-used as 
these things crop up.  An index page to list the cases and a unique page 
per case.

Obviously the developer would be the best person to fill in the full 
details of each issue as they have best understanding.  My suggestion 
comes from the thought that "Wouldn't is be neat if there was a page 
that told users about this sort of stuff".  This is a win-win situation 
where adopters of TC have disclosure of these issues and the developers 
get less hassle and avoid possible name calling because you've done your 
bit to communicate the situation to the user, so nothing more needs to 
be said.

As for Remy's comment on bad faith, if he can provide some evidence of 
what he calls bad faith on my part in any historical post it would be 
great to understand where his negative thoughts are coming from.  I 
think they only exist in his head.

 From my side I'm pretty sure starting comments with a tone "You know, 
Darryl is one of these Bugzilla users" does not go down well with anyone 
reading the list.  No matter what flavor of smiley he wishes to stick on 
the end of the sentence.  Its very personal, very directed and not very 
technical.  I shall make public comment again: please leave your 
subjective personal comments out, and increase your output of factual 
technical reasons.

If anyone does want to check out my genuine historical interest in 
supporting the open source community, please feel free to put my name 
into a search engine.

Darryl L. Miles

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