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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: TC 6: What needs to be done?
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 16:37:01 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
>> There is a tradeoff here, though.  Elegant configurations generally> 
>> can't be reproduced via fairly simple save mechanisms, i.e.> 
>> roundtripping of the data becomes an issue.
> That's true. At one end you have the windows registry, the other 
> -custom config files thatare very unfriendly to programs. There is 
> something in the middle -maybe apple-style configfiles, or XML.
> My old plan was to use something like MLET, and DOM to read/save ( 
> somost of comments/structure is preserved ).
completely unrelated topic, but ANT has a pretty neat way of injecting 
pretty much anything anywhere in the build.xml file,
not that server.xml will be anything like build.xml, but the idea of 
injecting sub components, is pretty neat.
so if I want to provide my custom connector, I could have sub XML 
elements to the connector element.

>> >> 6) Timeline> >> ===========> >>> >> How much
we will change for TC 
>> 6 also depends on how much time we are> >> willing to give it. Is 
>> there any time limit we should preserve, to> >> deliver a JEE 5 web 
>> container not too far behind the standard approval?> >> I assujme 
>> everyone wants TC 6 to show up before end of the year (beta),> >> but 
>> how much earlier will it need to be available?> I'm more interested 
>> in availability of full support for the new servlet> and JSP 
>> standards in a fast, stable, scalable> Tomcat release than anything 
>> else.
> +1
> Everything else can be done incrementally, in future releases.
> And it's even better if cluster, etc are separate module, withseparate 
> release cycle - this way they won't block or add extraoverhead to 
> tomcat release.
you'd still need to coordinate the releases, cause if the new tomcat 
version is released and it breaks the cluster module, then you are 
shipping a broken module, and I do believe that Tomcat should with each 
release ship a default cluster implementation.
That is why I opted to have "ha" in the main tree, cause "ha" is an 
extension to the tomcat components but swapping out few key components 
to enable replication. "ha" itself doesn't contain any "cluster" logic, 
it only enabled data to be serialized/deserialized, diffed etc, 
something that is core to tomcat.

as always, I will listen to the majority.
> Costin

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