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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: TC 6: What needs to be done?
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 15:43:31 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> On 5/5/06, Rainer Jung <> wrote:
>> 1) Configuration Management
>> ===========================
>> My impreesion is, that to much configuration is hard-coded in RuleSet
>> classes. Of course everyone can easily add properties to existing
>> components, but adding subcomponents nedds changes in core RuleSet
>> classes. Am I wrong? Should we change that to allow more complex
>> subsystems handling their configuration rules independently of the core?
>> One such example is the current stable clusster module.
> IMO the entire server.xml and RuleSet should be deprecated, and replaced
> with JMX. We could keep current server.xml around, for compat - but at
> least not
> extend it.
> Even the very limited MLET syntax can support most of our needs.
> RuleSets are just a way to set attributes ( == jmx setters ) and
> define hierarchy
> of componets ( == can be done based on JMX names, in a more dynamic way )
I'd generally tend to agree, but suggest that thought be given not just 
on elegant configuration but also on the ability to change things via 
JMX and then *save* the results as an updated configuration.

There is a tradeoff here, though.  Elegant configurations generally 
can't be reproduced via fairly simple save mechanisms, i.e. 
roundtripping of the data becomes an issue.
>> 6) Timeline
>> ===========
>> How much we will change for TC 6 also depends on how much time we are
>> willing to give it. Is there any time limit we should preserve, to
>> deliver a JEE 5 web container not too far behind the standard approval?
>> I assujme everyone wants TC 6 to show up before end of the year (beta),
>> but how much earlier will it need to be available?
I'm more interested in availability of full support for the new servlet 
and JSP standards in a fast, stable, scalable
Tomcat release than anything else.

Jess Holle

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