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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Core webapps and clustering
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 12:15:33 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Henri Gomez wrote:
>> May be not related, but did there is plan in TC 6.x to make use at
>> some time OSGI framework, like the one used in Eclipse and RCP
>> applications ?
>> I really like this concept and it seems a good candidate to provide a
>> modular kernel / micro-architecture.
> If we do that, what doesn't make it a Geronimo clone ? The services 
> that are shipped by default, maybe ? ;)
> It also most likely make Tomcat more heavyweight, although I don't 
> know whether or not it would make it more difficult to integrate.
As someone who really wants to integrate Tomcat into a larger 
application soon (I had a working prototype for a while), I really don't 
want Eclipse or its RCP -- or anything of the sort -- in Tomcat.

I like the fact that Tomcat is still relatively lightweight and brings 
relatively few extra libraries and version conflicts thereof into the 
picture.  As long as I keep a few of the Apache libraries I use 
up-to-date, all is well (and probably would be otherwise -- it's just 
really easy to remove any possible issues by version matching).

Future NetBeans versions may cease to embed Tomcat and embed the whole 
Glassfish thing instead, I don't know, but the embedding of Tomcat in 
current NetBeans releases is a perfect example of why no IDE's faddish 
RCP (Eclipse's, NetBeans', or new-sprocket-fad-xyz) should not make its 
way into Tomcat.

[Sorry for any cynicism, but I've seen a rash of "wouldn't our simple, 
lightweight open source component X be oh so much better if we just 
stuck in an entire IDE framework underneath" knee jerks in open source 
communities ranging as far afield as jManage.  Let's K.I.S.S!]

Jess Holle

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