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From Oliver Dewdney <>
Subject Re: What's about unloading policy of jsp-servlets ?
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 15:21:51 GMT
The issue of too many jsp files loaded is an issue for us as well. We have a
CMS system that generates jsp files as its output and while it is not the
best model for publishing content, it is certainly easy! We have > 10,000
jsp files generated through templates putting a mixture of static and
dynamic content on the pages. The solution is not to buy more memory as we
are on a 32-bit machine and have given all available user mode memory to the

I do not think that it is a isolated case, but a very significant problem,
and a significant number of application servers have the ability to set the
number of cached templates/what have yous - even IIS3!

I am working on a patch which addresses some of the issues raised in the
thread, such as turn-on-able and not altering the code path too much in it
off state. I think that also the issue of unloading is not valid, as it
already happens when a dependant file changes and the jsp is recompiled. Of
course if the jsp had a one time only initialization requirement then the
developer could specify not to enable the LRU cache of jsp servlet engine.

I think that the externalizing of static string data is a diversion on the
problem, but I would go for a single buffer and use JspWriter.write( cbuf,
offset, length ) to sent the right portion.

So, what are the requirement to getting a patch accepted in tomcat 5.5?

Oli Dewdney
Senior Developer
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