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From "Thomas Whitmore" <>
Subject re: context folders and Delete on tomcat root; funny [Bug 39594]
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 02:28:58 GMT
Hi people, Pedro,

This is both a sad & funny true story.

> We were trying to make our servlets use relative  path so that our deplayment would 
> be faster. In the  process we try putting $Catalina_home in the path for the base doc
> [etc]

> After this we noticed a folder called $CATALINA_HOME in the root dir for tomacat, we

> never created such a  dir so we whent ahead and deleted it. For our surprise, that 
> folder was linked to the root folder for tomcat  and deleted everything. 


As I said, this was both humorous and tragic. Humorous because Tomcat and it's folders thoughtfully
nuked Pedro's root - I can just see the expression on his face and mouth hanging slightly
open. Gotcha!

Tragic, because Remy is going to mark this issue as 'RESOLVED WILL-NOT-FIX'. No, Pedro, this
is intended behaviour. It's better than the Deployer in 5.0 because I wrote it. Anyone can
write a different deployer implementation. If you don't like it, you can use a different platform.
Anyone can use a different platform. Have a nice day.

??? what ??!


Sorry about the humour Pedro -- I've had similar happen to me and can only laugh because I
know what a ghastly suprise this is.

What really makes this funny, is that all this amusement comes from Remy rewriting the Context/
Deployer implementation in 5.5 and coming over all defensive about its defects... marking
all reported issues in this area as RESOLVED (they're not) WILL-NOT-FIX (he won't).  Well,
at least the second part is true.

Go on, prove me right.


PS:  Full and absolute good faith - any pointed comments have come *after* seeing defects
& bug reports from others systematically being ignored & blown off.  If people come
to me with a problem in my code, I fix it first, ask about future/ related requirements, check
against design cases and stub these for future coverage... sometimes 2 - 5 years ahead.  Sure
beats telling people to f** off.
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