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From "KARNATI, SRINIVASA R [AG/1000]" <>
Subject RE: configurable AJP Buffer Size
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 20:00:43 GMT

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Mladen Turk []
>>Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:21 PM
>>To: Tomcat Developers List
>>Subject: Re: configurable AJP Buffer Size
>>KARNATI, SRINIVASA R [AG/1000] wrote:
>>> I would like to extend AJP buffer size (in org.apache.jk.common.MsgAjp)
>>as a
>>> configurable option. We really needed the buffer above 8 kb (because of
>>> Kerberos integration.)
>>Makes no sense because other side has no clue about that.

I will be implementing the similar configurable option for the client-end of
the connector also (for ex., for isapi_redirector, via registry setting) 

This gives us at least the needed flexibility of specifying the size, and
also will be able to keep up with the later releases. 

>>If you need larger packet size make your own flavor of
>>Tomcat and mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp or isapi_redirector
>>with desired maximum packet size. 

This will be too constraining.

>>It will not be AJP1/3
>>compliant for sure.

I hope there is something I can do that becomes part of the existing
protocol. I am willing to spend time on that. 

Thanks, Srini

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