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From "Costin Manolache" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & JDK for PDA arm processor
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2006 17:28:49 GMT
Not sure Jetty is fit for embedded use either. - or something similar, capable of running
in CVM or even KVM - could be a viable solution for java on low end

The real problem is not the size of tomcat itself - but the number of
JVM classes it uses and all the layers and features that need to be

What people fail to understand very often is that flash has very
different characteristics from a hard drive, and a 200MHz processor
and 32MB ( or even 400MHz/64MB ) are slightly different from a 2G Hz/
1 G RAM or even a low end - 1GHz/256M :-)


On 4/23/06, Preston L. Bannister <> wrote:
> How small does it need to be?
> If you really need a full HTTP + servlets configuration then it might be
> easier to use one of the smaller Jetty configurations (
> ).
> Do you really need servlets (i.e. is this webapp meant to run anywhere)?
> Dropping the standard servlet interface will slim things down.
> Do you really need the ability to handle heavy traffic?  Both Tomcat and
> Jetty put extra effort into handling large numbers of connections with high
> throughput - which translates to bigger code and data.   If you don't need
> this ability, then a simpler HTTP server could be a better bet.
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