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From David Gagnon <>
Subject Is there a clean way to add Custom protocol endpoint to tomcat 5.5
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:42:55 GMT
Hi all,

  I need to have my tomcat servers to broadcast their state (custom 
information) in order to collaborate. 

I look into the cluster code, org.apache.catalina.cluster.mcast.* it a 
good example of what I need : send a multicast message each X seconds 
and keep a member list with their public info. 

My problem is to fin a way to starts MY protocol endpoint when Tomcat 
boots.  I don't want to put the code in my webApp, since I can have 
several webapps on the same server. 

I looked into server.xml to find a way to starts it... I tought 
Connector  would be suitable for my needs but it seems strictly related 
to HTTP request handling.

I hope to find a way without changing the tomcat code base.

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards

P.S.: tought the dev list is the place for this kind of question.  Sorry 
if this mail should have been posted on the user list.

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