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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Memory usage Tomcat 3.3 vs 5.5
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 21:35:19 GMT
Abhi Karmos wrote:
> Has anybody looked in the code where the DescriptorSupport class is used? 22 
> thousand of these things is simply absurd. Nearly 100 thousand 
> DescriptorSupport.ValueHolder objects is even crazier. My guess is that the 
> HashMap usage is related to the DescriptorSupport.

It is completely irrelevant compared to the memory usage of a single 
"modern" web application, and at the same time it provides a useful 
monitoring feature without being intrusive coding wise. Sure, we could 
use standard MBeans, but the code would then be a mess. I don't 
understand the point of bothering with this sort of stuff when there's 
so little benefit.

If you want the smallest web container in terms of memory usage or size, 
I think you should not be using Tomcat. Tomcat is more geared towards 
speed, GC friendliness and feature completeness than memory usage.


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