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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Vote for Refactoring ManagerBase/DeltaManager
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 18:19:47 GMT
Peter Rossbach wrote:
> OK, I have no real problem to made my changes at 6.0 base first, but 
> it is really stable?
> I see that Connector change currently and this can be a problem. Quick 
> integration tests with connector that are new is not
> funny. What are the next developing steps at 6.0? It is the right time 
> to change the manager and session base classes.
> Proposed changes:
> - Remove all direct method/code duplications at the 
> DeltaManager/DeltaSession subclasses
> - analyse, at example the listener methods with a lot of code 
> duplications.
> - extract some helper methodes at base classes for eaisier subclassing.
> - factor out the DeltaManager sender and receiver methods.
> - DeltaManager and DeltaSession at cluster and ha modules are very 
> similar and porting is currently no problem.
yes, and this is the beauty of it, cause you can gut the modules/ha 
implementation, do all your refactoring there without hurting the stable 
branch or its bug fixing progress. ManagerBase and Manager should not 
require too much, maybe changing some private to protected, and I think 
that's what Remy means by "small" changes. But DeltaSession and 
DeltaManager will actually be "large" changes.


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