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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & JDK for PDA arm processor
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 15:00:11 GMT
Wade Chandler wrote:
> You'd be hard pressed getting less RAM usage out of
> the .NET Framework when you compare apples to apples
> (application vs application designed the same and
> doing the same things).  If you are used to Java use
> it.

That is true if we were comparing Java to .Net, but on a PocketPC you 
would be using the .Net Compact Framework (CF).  Comparing the CF to 
full-blown Java isn't a fair comparison because the CF is optimized for 
small memory footprint devices like a PDA.

One thing is to see if a J2ME implementation exists for ARM, and I don't 
know the answer to that.  Comparing J2ME to .Net CF would be a much more 
fair comparison.

> Why would you even bother with .NET if you have Java
> and a good modularized application.  At least with
> java applications you can reuse some of your classes
> from your desktop..beans and such.  Harder to do with
> .NET and the Compact and Desktop projects provided by
> Visual Studio.  

Not true... much like the way you can reuse most classes written under 
J2ME in a desktop Java app (not counting the things that are specific to 
J2ME of course), you can reuse CF classes on the desktop, and 
vice-versa.  Remember that just like Java, there is nothing that forces 
you to use Visual Studio, you can do it all from the command line.  You 
can therefore exercise full control over what goes into your code. 
There certainly are things that won't be shareable, just like not 
everything is shareable between J2SE and J2ME, but as you say, if the 
application is modularized and architected well, most of your core 
business logic should be identical.

But of course the crux of this whole thread is whether a suitable Java 
implementation exists, and a Tomcat build for ARM, that would together 
allow Tomcat to run on a PDA.  Assuming not, only then does the .Net 
suggestion (or more generically, native app) come into play.

> Wade


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