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From Richard Schilling <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & JDK for PDA arm processor
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 21:00:23 GMT
IBM's J9 VM is probably the best implementation for running J2ME 
flavored Java code. 

I've been working with it a lot, and it was better than Jeode.  The only 
problem being that it's hard to figure out from IBM where you can just 
purchase the VM.  For the moment you have to download the trial version 
of their Web Services Device Developer application, which includes the 
J9 VM.

Richard Schilling
Cognition Group, Inc.
Seattle, WA USA

Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> There are, AFAIK, no JDK's for PocketPC (being a PocketPC developer
> myself, I'm "fairly" sure about this).  There are however a number of
> JRE's, which is probably all you need.  Take a look at this page:
> Actually, one JDK actually is mentioned, but it appears to really just be
> a Linux port and would require you do install Linux on your PPC.
> I'm not as familiar with the Zaurus, but I'd suspect you would have an
> easier time there finding something since its Linux-based to begin with. 
> However, if it isn't mentioned on the above referenced page, I'm afraid I
> can't help.
> Note that many of those listed are trimmed-down JRE's, and they may be
> missing things that Tomcat needs.  They all also appear to be fairly old
> things and maybe aren't available and/or supported any more.  The only one
> I've personally had any experience with is JEODE, but that was some time
> ago.  I haven't tried Java on a PDA in probably 3 years or so.

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