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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Challenges for Java hosting
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 10:52:15 GMT
I was thinking that too. A big problem with JVM's is memory leaks. The easy 
solution is to restart tomcat. But that causes a period of downtime due to 
waiting for a restart.

Why not make mod_ajp "smarter" or create a tomcat launcher where some parent 
process (apache, or the launcher) listens for requests from the public and 
uses AJP to have tomcat serve the requests. [The downside is added latenency]

The parent process can spawn a new tomcat after some configurable time and 
kill the old one. By using the cluster code - the sessions can be synced 
before the old tomcat goes away.

This mechanism could also be used as a way to perform graceful restarts too 
where an web app upgrade is done and reloading webapps will cause memory leaks.

[Disclaimer: the above ramblings may not be based in reality]


Henri Gomez wrote:
>>I suppose native code could be used to improve the situation in some
>>areas (although I don't know how to do it ;) ).
> Native code ? Do you imagine some sort of sub-JVM launching ?

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