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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: [feedback request] session replication
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 14:53:22 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
>> 1. Requirements to be implemented by the API
>>  bool isDirty - (has the session changed in this request)
>>  bool isDiffable - is the session able provide a diff
>>  byte[] getSessionData() - returns the whole session
>>  byte[] getSessionDiff() - optional, see isDiffable, resets the diff 
>> data
>>  void setSessionDiff(byte[] diff) - optional, see isDiffable, apply 
>> changes from another node
>> 2. Requirements to be implemented by the API
>>  void setSessionMap(HashMap map) - makes the map implementation 
>> pluggable
> This byte based solution doesn't seem useful to me: for example in 
> JBoss there is support for finer grain replication, and it doesn't use 
> byte arrays.
I don't think data transfers get more fine grained than a single byte :) 
(don't think you can write a bit to a stream)
If you think of AOP and just transfer data diffs, they still get 
transferred as bytes. using byte[] arrays lets the container control the 
serialization. this way, you can have as fine or coarse grained as you 
want. The API shouldn't impose what serialization mechanism is being 
used, that is why it is byte[]

> I'd like to have more explanation why this new APIs are a great idea, 
> and how they will be used.
of course, very large size clusters, with linear increase in network 
chatter, not exponential like today.
more to come...


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