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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject [Proposal] Small manager improvement
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 23:33:26 GMT
I have a small patch that I think improves the session listing in the 
manager webapp:

The doc says

Session Statistics

Display the default session timeout for a web application, and the 
number of currently active sessions that fall within ten-minute ranges 
of their actual timeout times. For example, after restarting Tomcat and 
then executing one of the JSP samples in the /examples web app, you 
might get something like this:

Actually that's not true and I have the impression the code does 
something not very useful which we can very easily tranform to something 
really useful:

At the moment the code calculates a histogramm of the different 
maxInactiveInterval values for all sessions of a context. Now most 
contexts I know, work with a fixed maxInactiveInterval for all sessions 
   in the context. As a result, all of the sessions are in the same 
histogram class and instead of the possible up to 60 lines of result 
histogram, the code always simply produces a single line showing again 
the total number of sessions - which is already included on the same 
page further down. So no real sense in that.

With a few lines of change we could easily list a histogram of how far 
sessions are away from their idle timeout. That seems to be a much more 
interesting information for monitoring, e.g. it enables to make a well 
informed decision on shrinking or sizing up session timeouts. This would 
also be in better alignment with the documntation of manger. This is 
sugestion 1a.

What I would even like better is instead printing a hitogramm of the 
actual idle time of the sessions. I think for most admins this is a more 
easily understandable metric.

So suggestion 1b: change sessions-function in manager webapp to show a 
histogram of session idle distribution instead of maxActiveTimeout 

Suggestion 2: another small fix would allow a manager user to 
prematurely expire all sessions which are idle for a longer time than 
the amount of minutes she types into a text field (before she presses 
the new expire button.

I have a use case for this: some applications work with long running 
sessions (employee applications) that might have relatively big 
sessions. These applications typically have a timeout of several hours 
to allow resumption of work after lunch breaks, meeting etc. Often such 
apps depend on other external applications. When those have a bad day, 
the users of the web app might experience very long response times. So 
they decide to try a new login to the web app. From that point in time 
their old sessions are no longer used, but still stay in memory for 
several more hours. As soon as the external app has another hickup, 
another round of sessions gets lost by the same user behaviour. A well 
informed admin could now react to such a non-standard situation by 
deciding to expire all sessions which are idle longer than the amount of 
minutes she decides, e.g. one hour.

I did all that for TC5 and for 5.5 it's mostly the same. If their is 
interest in it, I would provide patches, including doc patches. I still 
would need spanish and japanese translations for "expire". :)

Feedback is highly welcome.

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