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From "Dirk Slootmaekers" <>
Subject mod_jk - Apache flush stream issues
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 08:42:14 GMT

I have developped a J2EE application, based on tomcat that is streaming 
dynamic content into a JSP page. To do that I'm using the 
writer.write("vvvvv"); command and do a response.flushbuffer()

these 2 actions are in a try and catch. When I test my application only 
using tomcat and I kill the connection from the IE6 to the tomcat, tomcat 
sees that the stream is dead, since the writer.write and flushbuffer produce 
an exception. This is great.

The problem is now when I'm using Apache (2.0.54) with mod_jk (1.2.14) and 

When I kill the connection between the IE6 and Apache, tomcat is not aware 
of this and keeps on streaming info, eventhough I use the 
response.flushbuffer. I know the issue is related with the caching and that 
the mod_jk keeps open the connection, therefor tomcat does not see that the 
connection with the browser is gone.

I tried several possibilities (downgading HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0 on apache, 
removing keepalive for mod_jk, try mod_proxy_ajp and Apache 2.2.0) but 
without success.

Can somebody help me on this on?


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