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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: Cluster maintenance and improvement
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:47:16 GMT
Hey Rainer, Filip and Remy,

Am 23.02.2006 um 17:20 schrieb Rainer Jung:

> Hi Remy,
>>> 1. If we don't primary/secondary will not be available until TC.6
>>> 2. TC 6 doesn't have a skeleton nor a date yet.
>> It could have that tomorrow.
> ...
>> I agree with Peter: it's obvious no one should be doing major  
>> refactoring of existing components in 5.5.x. You could create a  
>> separate "cluster2" module if you still want to do the work in  
>> Tomcat 5.5.x, however.
> So in general we have three options:
> A) maintenance branch inside 5.5.15
> B) cluster2 module
+1 and revert the changes at the current tomcat cluster head  I think  
Revision 366257 5.1.2006 or a little bit later.
Then we can make a separate jar download for cluster2 and when is  
stable, we change the default at the tomcat 55 distribution.

> C) making changes in TC 6
> Whichever way we choose, I think we need two lines of development:
> a) one which tries to stick closely to the 5.5.15 code and only  
> picks up security fixes and changes needed to keep compatibility  
> with 5.5.x.
I think we integrate the cross context replication and some of the  
fixes from Filip inside the TC 5.5.15 cluster module code.

> b) another one which gets all the refactoring, new features and  
> improvements.
> We have to make decisions:
> - maintenance for a): If we let die a) for TC 6, we should document  
> that decision, so would deprecate a) now. This sounds a little  
> harsh, but that's in fact what we then do. It would be nice to  
> support a) at least 12 months after announcement of deprecation.
> - release bundles: I think a) and b) should be available for  
> download when a new 5.5 release is done. I don't really care about  
> having seperate download file or not.
I thing it is easy to have seperate download files
> - default configuration entries in server.xml
+1, from current cluster module and later from new cluster2 state.

> Concerning A), B) or C):
> Remy: what do you think, about how long dows it take to make a  
> first alpha releaseof TC 6. I didn't follow closely the state of  
> Specs and implementations. I expect that to still need 2 to 3  
> months. If I'm right, that means C) will not work out for Filip,  
> because then he lacks the necessary amount of users playing around  
> with the new code.
> Decision between B) and C) depends more on the kind of message one  
> needs to send to the user base. My impression is, that at the end  
> the cluster code will have huge differences to it's state today and  
> it would be more correct to have cluster2. But I could live with  
> all parallel options, as long as we keep the old code compatible  
> with 5.5.x and we document the plan for the future (maintenance/ 
> deprecation) for the user base.
I like to have a new cluster2 module inside Tomcat 5.5. After we  
finish and have a stable cluster2 we move it also to tc6. I can  
maintain the current 5.5.15 implementation stage.

> Rainer
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