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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject New clustering module proposal - WAS: Long rants
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 17:25:04 GMT
Sounds like there is a consensus amongst folks. So to summarize 
everyones thoughts, let me know if this sounds like a solution agreeable 
to everyone.

1. Keep 5.5.x as a maintenance module as it was of 5.5.15 + cross context

2. Break out cluster config from catalina.jar to catalina-cluster.jar 
that way we can enable more than one config
   In have a ClusterRuleSetFactory.getClusterRuleSet() 
that will load the rule set run time.

3. Create two new modules (to use for TC6 and as an optional library for 
TC 5.5.x)
   a) Name:groupcom
      Lib : catalina-groups.jar
      Purpose: Group messaging component
   b) Name: ha
      Lib : catalina-cluster.jar
      Purpose: session replication logic, context attribute replication 
and other new features

Lets gather one round of feedback and then vote so that I can move on 
with new dev.


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