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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: never say never...
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:24:02 GMT
>>I applaud to your willing to contribute, but if you wish to
>>do that, and eventually become a member of the elite, you must
>>follow some rules, and the first one, like in any company is to
>>respect your colleagues.
> Respect is a two way street. When someone like Bill Barker creates a logic
> puzzle as blatantly wrong as he did, then what level of respect is required?
> Specifically, Bill Barker's comments:

You are pretty bad in taking examples. Bill nicely described the why nicely in nice words
know who is right or wrong, I don't care about that) and your answer to that is quite unapropiate.
Especially the shouting. Just say you think he is wrong, because of xxx and everyone is happy..

In short : I think Bill gave a great answer and you didn't return that favour.

And another thing : I (and others do to I guess) read bugzilla mails, so no need to copy &
that thing to a thread that has nothing to do with the thread (despite to what you seem to


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