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From Bob Herrmann <>
Subject Building Tomcat 5.0 - SUCCESS
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 01:50:34 GMT

I believe I finally got Tomcat 5.0 to build cleanly Fedora 4.

I used these 4 files;

mktc  - drives the whole thing (including blowing away any local copies)
build.xml - from the building tomcat 5 page, but modified to use svn not 
cvs.  ( ) - to override the default java package base (since 
Fedora has a full copy of different stuff in /usr/share/java ) - to override sourceforge site, jmx version, 
struts version

Perhaps this can be used to update the "Building Tomcat 5 Page."  If I 
still have commit access ( I could take a crack at it.

I'm kind of surprised that their aren't automated nightly builds 
(ideally with a watchdog report) for each tomcat version.


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