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Subject svn commit: r379938 - /tomcat/container/tc5.5.x/modules/cluster/to-do.txt
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:02:23 GMT
Author: fhanik
Date: Wed Feb 22 14:02:20 2006
New Revision: 379938

minor change to the todo, compression will get removed from the protocol. This is the feature
that caused a major headache when the protocol changed. well, its gonna change again, back
to what it was. compression should not be done at that level since it leaves no pluggability
for compression protocol to use.


Modified: tomcat/container/tc5.5.x/modules/cluster/to-do.txt
--- tomcat/container/tc5.5.x/modules/cluster/to-do.txt (original)
+++ tomcat/container/tc5.5.x/modules/cluster/to-do.txt Wed Feb 22 14:02:20 2006
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@
 	Need help (pero)
 - implement fragmentation of large replication objects
   (note this will be done in the Group object, see top.)
-	Compress at message level 
+	Compress at message level - this will go away! instead there will be a GZip interceptor
 	Splitting Messages ala FarmDeployer war handling
 - add a message type to the message header.
     - filtering at receiver that drop message before build Object

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