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From "George Sexton" <>
Subject Manager Application Structure
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 20:55:21 GMT
Can someone help me understand a little bit of the architecture of the
Mbeans used by the Manager application?

I've found that the following entries on the HTML manager page are always 0.

Max processing time: 0 ms 
Processing time: 0 s 
Request count: 0 
Error count: 0 
Bytes received: 0.00 MB 
Bytes sent: 0.00 MB

I'd like to sort this out and see about fixing it. Also, I'd like threads in
Keep-Alive state to show the virtual host for the last request (since it's
REALLY unlikely that this will change from request to request).

If someone could give me a basic understanding of how the Mbeans work, I can
take a stab at fixing them.

George Sexton
MH Software, Inc.
Voice: 303 438 9585

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