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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Mr. Thomas please check this.
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 03:14:23 GMT
Really a users@ question, so I won't bother to reply inline.

What Jack wants is pretty much an enhanced version of UserDatabase.  He can 
do much of what he wants with a really fancy custom UserDatabase, but would 
need changes to do more advanced X509 stuff (also, the current config 
wouldn't be as nice as he would want).

"Mark Thomas" <> wrote in message
> Jack wrote:
>> When we use client-cert, we might be not using ssl at all since we don't 
>> ask
>> confidential transfer.
> This is not correct. CLIENT-CERT authentication *requires* ssl. ssl is
> still ssl even if NULL encryption is used.
>>>A web application may well have a mixed user community,
>>>some authenticate by means of a password or other authenticators,
>>>others have a certificate for authentication.
> The servlet spec gets in the way of some of your ideas here. It
> essentially mandates one and only one mechanism for authenticating
> users per webapp. There are tricks you can play here but it gets quite
> complicated very quickly.
>> I have the same opinion. That's why I suggest to use UserContext for each
>> web-app.
> The idea of checking multiple realms to authenticate a user should be
> a lot easier. I haven't looked at it but I would expect it to be
> relatively simple to implement a hybrid realm that contains an ordered
> list of realms and checks each of them in turn until the user is
> authenticated or it runs out of realms to authenticate against.
>> For a specific web-app, all its users' certificate might be in a special
>> place. so some attribute of ssl connector
>> should be attributes of UserContext.
> You need to be more specific. Which attributes? Greater control
> per-realm of how a client certificate is verified is certainly
> possible, as is how that certificate is mapped to a user.
>> The realms in o.a.c.realm package mixed up authentication & 
>> authorization. I
>> suggest to seperate them.
>> authentication belongs to UserContext.
> The realm handles these processes together because they are tightly
> coupled. Separating them will add complexity. What is the
> justification for this?
>> I hope my information can be a little bit helpful to you.
> Some of your ideas have potential but others are clear non-starters.
> To make your information more useful I would suggest some detailed
> research followed by the development of one or more concrete
> proposals, preferably supported by patches. Keep each proposal/patch
> focussed on a single issue. I would suggest that a detailed study of
> the authentication and authorisations sections of the servlet spec and
> the low-level workings of SSL would be good places to start your research.
> Mark 

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