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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Initial EL/JSP 2.1 Contribution
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 01:11:31 GMT
Shouldn't we also have something under servletapi for the javax.el stuff?

More generally, I agree with Remy that it would be nice to have an 
ASF-licensed implementation of Servlet-2.5/JSP-2.1, rather than relying on 
the official version from GlassFish.  However, I realize that this is more 
contentious, so probably belongs in a separate thread ;-).

"Mark Thomas" <> wrote in message
> Mark Thomas wrote:
>> Based on this, I propose the following changes to svn.
>> copy /tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x/ to /tomcat/jasper/tc6.0.x/
> Slight change. I removed the jasper2 directory so
> /tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x/ was copied to /tomcat/jasper/tc6.0.x/
>> create /tomcat/jasper/tags/tc6.0.x/
> Done.
>> Commits to /tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x/ will have to be merged with
>> /tomcat/jasper/tags/tc6.0.x/
> Copy and paste error here. Should read:
> Commits to /tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x/ will have to be merged with
> /tomcat/jasper/tc6.0.x/
> Mark 

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