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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: tomcat 5.8.0 - weird response on HTTP OPTIONS method
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 23:34:16 GMT
On 1/7/06, Bill Barker <> wrote:

> DefaultServlet inherits doOptions from HttpServlet.  This works correctly
> (and, has back at least to the Sevlet-2.2 days), and is why Servlets rarely
> have to implement it.  If you had index.html instead of index.jsp, you would
> see exactly what you expect to see.

You're right, I forgot about the base class. Yes, it does
getDeclaredMethods - so works for all servlets that use doGet, doPost,
etc. I was looking for something specific in DefaultServlet.

> >For JSPs - IMO the JSP spec or our implementation is badly broken in
> >this aspect, the fact is that no jsp in existence deals works
> >correctly ( according to HTTP spec ).
> > I don't thing it matters that this is a problem with the lazy users
> >or tomcat developers who forget to implement it. The spec could
> >require a default implementation, or require users to implement it if
> >running in a http11 server.
> >
> It's primarily the JSP spec that is broken.  The few times that I've cared,
> I've used the extends="..." to get the correct HTTP behavior (but
> technically broken JSP spec behavior).  This is about the only solution that
> works (and why it's a users@ issue), since it is impossible for the JSP
> container to determine what methods a JSP Page implements.
> I suppose it would be possible to change HttpJspBase.service to call
> super.doOptions if it sees an OPTIONS method instead of what it's supposed
> to do.  The output will be meaningless (if syntactically correct), but so
> would anything else be :).  I'm -0 on this, since IMHO it takes a pretty
> streached reading of the spec to allow it.

What about returning just GET, HEAD as supported method for Jsps that
don't override this ?


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