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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: EL and JSP 2.1
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 23:35:07 GMT
My own views in line.


Mark Thomas wrote:
> Jacob Hookom wrote:
>>I'd like to get the ball rolling on a branch for JSP 2.1.
> I can get the SVN stuff set up over the next few days. There has been
> some debate about how we arrange things so we need to get agreement on
> the way forward.
> The key questions are:
>  - does 6.0.x become the main development branch?
Yes. We did this for 5.5.x and it worked.

>  - do we merge jasper and container?
No. Good to keep them independent.

>  - do we merge build and container
Maybe. If someone wants to take the time to do this and update the
build scripts great. Personally, not an itch I feel the need to scratch.

>  - do we maintain servletapi for 6.0?
No for the api stuff proper. We don't host it, can't change it and our
own implementation would be more trouble than it is worth.

Maybe for the examples. It is useful to be able to fix problems with
them. The examples could always be merged in with the container module.

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