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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Who is working on the ISAPI connector code?
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 23:07:08 GMT
In IIS 6, you also have to run in IIS 5 compatibility isolation mode.

I have no love for IIS myself but we also have customers that have some 
inexplicable emotional attachment to it.  Is it just NTLM?  In which 
case someone should shove mod_auth_sspi into Apache and be done.  If 
not, what's the fascination with IIS?  In our case our application is 
purely Java, so in direct conjunction with it ASP, .Net, etc, are of no 
benefit whatsoever.

It would be helpful if either: (1) all remaining rational reasons for 
using IIS (e.g. NTLM) were answered by Apache or (2) the IIS/Tomcat 
connector was not the ugly step child that no one wanted.

Jess Holle

Preston L. Bannister wrote:

>So - in other words there are no toes to step on :).
>Unfortunately recommending Apache2 over IIS is pretty much a non-starter in
>my world, so a working IIS connector is needed (at least to bring
>server-side Java into this world).
>On 12/12/05, Tim Whittington <> wrote:
>>The ISAPI connector has been somewhat unloved over the past few years.
>>We're recommending Apache 2 over IIS to all our customers, so if that's
>>widespread it'd explain the lack of interest.
>>I've been submitting patches from our local branch over the past year,
>>trying to improve some aspects of it (still waiting for the next dev branch
>>to add chunked encoding support).
>>I've also updated some of the docs to mention features that have been
>>there for years (i.e.
>>The only other person I've seen touch the IIS code in recent memory is
>>Binary JTC builds from Jakarta have always been a bit hit and miss - I
>>build all ours locally.
>>The only IIS6 issue I know of is that you have to add a web services
>>extension for the redirector for it to work - new locked down IIS rules or

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