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Subject RE: RE: Tomcat 6 plans (JSP 2.1)
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:43:51 GMT
The @Resource is a biggy with the JEE 5 within the Servlet Container.

There are some deficiencies with the spec such that there was no Class/Factory support for
these fundamental annotations, so now supplemental frameworks that have reliance on injection
(JSF for one) becomes container specific to gain those capabilities.  Ex, the JSF RI silently
relies on Glassfish's Injection objects to provide spec behavior.

-- Jacob

>Personally I am a fan of the light-weight approach. Using Tomcat but
>adding "enterprise" value at webapp level with Spring and Hibernate has
>been a fantastic combination for us. I've not delved into EJB3 much but
>I hear it's just POJO CMP stuff which Hibernate does. 
>If Tomcat could just provide more support in the
>management/instrumentation/clustering and deployment areas I'd be a
>happy chappy.
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>From: Jess Holle [] 
>Sent: 22 December 2005 16:08
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>Subject: Re: Tomcat 6 plans (JSP 2.1)
>Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> I don't see a big difference with Tomcat, which is also an appserver 
>> (hopefully, you don't associate EJB <-> appserver, because if you do, 
>> I'm not talking to you ever again :) ). Marketting is king, though, 
>> and I understand the desire to look like a rebel and refuse the "big 
>> fat appserver" in favor of a random set of "independent" components 
>> which in the end do and are actually the exact same thing. Unless the 
>> appserver is monolithic, but that's not the current trend (but even if
>> it is, sometimes they are actually small).
>I personally don't associate EJB with app server *but* that's clearly
>the marketing trend.  To be a certified J2EE app server you have to
>support EJBs, all app server marketing rags, etc, are 100% EJB centric,
>etc, etc.
>Now that EJB 3 is solidifying I can see a lot broader applicability to
>EJBs, but I still don't personally buy the monolithic notion of J2EE (or
>JEE) app server.  I know JBoss does not have to be deployed this way.  
>The J2EE certification, marketing, etc, all treats this as a monolithic
>stack, though -- which seems unfortunate...
>Jess Holle
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