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From "Tom E. Cole" <>
Subject New Valve Development
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 21:12:37 GMT
I have developed a new Valve (which I call the DBAccessLogValve). It is
similar to the AccessLogValve, other than it logs values to a database
table rather than writing it to a log file. Many of the configuration
options are exactly the same as the standard AccessLogValve, with three
major exceptions:
1.	It can be configured to use DBCP or the user can provide
connection information
2.	In addition to setting up a comma separated list of values to
log, they provide a comma-separated list of column names that
3.	The user can configure what file types they want logged (for
example only .htm and .jsp files).
It has javadocs and is bundled in a single .jar which currently has to
be dumped in the %TOMCAT_HOME%/server/lib directory.
Someone on the Java Forums recommended contributing it to the Tomcat
project, but I'm not sure how to do that. If this is of interest or
someone knows how to contribute this, the information would be greatly
Tom Cole
(856) 599-6000 ext. 119

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